Tamebay Survey 2016: help us serve you better

By Dan Wilson March 11, 2016 - 4:17 am

Today we’re launching the first ever Tamebay Reader Survey. Click to answer the questions here.

In November 2016, Tamebay will reach the great milestone of its 10th birthday. And in those 10 years the ecommerce landscape has changed dramatically.

Tamebay started as a labour of love blog for British eBay sellers and now we encompass selling across many marketplaces and have readers across the globe. And, if we’re honest, we don’t know enough about you, our wonderful readers.

That’s why we’re launching this survey. Tell us about what you do, what you’re interested in, how your business may develop in the next few years. And that will help us understand what we should be writing about more and how we should develop the Tamebay website.

We’ve got some prizes and we guarantee that we’ll keep your info secret. We’ll aggregate it, sure, but it won’t be personally attached to you in any records we keep.

Chris and I are often overwhelmed by the positive comments we get from readers who appreciate the site and how we help you build your business. So we’re asking a favour in return: we’d be ever so grateful if you would give us a few minutes to take the survey. We reckon it will take you about 5 minutes. Maybe less.

We want to develop Tamebay for the next ten years and your input will be vital. We’re appreciative of your time and thankful for your ongoing support. Thank you.

This little video will explain more:

  • Darren Grant
    5 years ago

    I nearly didn’t fill out your survey as the first question was for contact information and to be frank I don’t want my time wasted by my details being given out to timewasters to cold call me or spam me. At the end of the day I have a business to run and every call that I get from someone selling me something is time I could be spending doing something else.

    However I noticed that the fields were not mandatory so I did fill it out in the end.

    You ask about a forum, one thing I would suggest is if you introduce a forum don’t make the mistake of using something like phpBB or vBulitin with a load of forum categories. What ends up happening is you end up with a few posts in each category along with cross posts and it just ends up a bit of a mess. I would suggest the approach by where you have a single forum showing all discussions.

  • Craig
    5 years ago

    I have filled out the survey and I did include contact details. I would appreciate if the number in particular is not handed out.

  • Richard
    5 years ago

    Just for your information, we have 2 full time AND 2 part time staff, but you can’t select that on your survey. You can only select 2 full time OR 2 part time.

    • 5 years ago

      I noticed this as well. The form elements are incorrectly configured. One can select every option in a single column (ie: full time or part time) which is of course incorrect. It should be no more than one from each column rather than 1 from each row.

  • Sarah
    5 years ago

    I filled out the survey too .
    10 years , it does not seem that long .

  • Darren Grant
    5 years ago

    Seeing as how you are looking for feedback I’ll let you know why today I unsubscribed from your email.

    Promoting GS1 a monopoly organisation is not appreciated.

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