Tamebay needs you: please take our survey

By Dan Wilson March 18, 2016 - 3:32 am

First thing’s first: please take our Tamebay Survey.

A bit more detail…

We get lots of emails and feedback from our loyal readers at Tamebay and we’re very grateful. Thank you for your input! Chris and I couldn’t do it without you and our best stories and tip-off come from readers.

But we’re hungry for information about you and what you would like us to do as we develop Tamebay. The website will be 10 year’s old in November and it’s time we understood what you like and don’t like about Tamebay better. Don’t be shy.

And we find ourselves at something of a crossroads. We’ll be redesigning the website this year and we’re constantly examining what we do, write about and how we serve you. That’s why we’re doing this first ever reader survey about Tamebay itself.

We’ve always been guided by you, our readers: you chart the course of Tamebay. But if we know more about you, how you operate, where you sell, how much and what, we can be that much more effective. So please do check out the survey.

A few points:

We won’t be sharing your individual business details with anyone. Your responses will be aggregated as we strive to get a more detailed idea about who Tamebay readers are. That info will help us frame what we write in future.

We won’t share your contact details willy nilly either. We’d like your email address very much (and then you can receive our jolly useful daily email.) But be sure we won’t be spamming you with irrelevant crud 4 times daily. (Indeed, if you want to fill out the survey and not give us contact details, that’s fine too.)

But by giving us your email address, we can include you in the fairly fabulous prize draw for x4 £100 Amazon vouchers. We’ll draw the first one tonight (Friday 6pm) so the sooner you get involved, fill in the survey and send us your views, the better your chance of bagging a coupon. May the odds be ever in your favour!

You can find the survey here. Many thanks.

And here’s me talking about the survey a bit:

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