Shutl’s click and don’t collect service available on eBay

By Dan Wilson March 7, 2016 - 5:13 pm

One of the problems of Click & Collect is that it’s easy to click but sometimes less convenient to collect your order. Especially when you often only have 7 days to go to the pick up point before it’s returned.

And Shutl may have the solution by offering to collect the item for you to take it somewhere more convenient. In a trial with River Island, after being reminded that their purchases have been uncollected for six days, 33% of River Island shoppers arranged a Shutl delivery rather than visiting the store in-person or having the item returned.

And the service is also available to eBay buyers who chose to pick up their purchases at their nearest Argos store. For an additional fee, buyers can arrange for a Shutl courier to collect an order on their behalf and deliver it within a one-hour timeslot of the customer’s choosing.

One eBay buyer, Yvonne from Glasgow says of the service: “I was unwell but needed to collect my eBay product from Argos before it was returned to the seller. The cost for delivery is way less than it would have cost to bet a taxi to a busy Argos at Christmas.”

Jason Tavaria of Shutl said, “Click and collect has become part and parcel of the retail industry today. Its success has even triggered the other sectors to consider how they could benefit from the concept with the NHS reportedly looking at this type of service. However, circumstances can change and shoppers aren’t always able to visit the store as originally intended. This leaves items uncollected and ultimately returned to the retailer or, in the case of eBay, back to the seller, disappointing customers in the process.”

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