Royal Mail win Best Shipping Carrier Services Company award

By Chris Dawson March 1, 2016 - 11:01 am

Royal Mail Group has been awarded Best Shipping Carrier Services Company at this year’s Trade Finance Global (TFG) awards.

The award acknowledged Royal Mail Group’s significant investment in transforming its operations, in particular the introduction of 2D barcoding of parcels and the investment in hand-held technology across its network.

The data-rich 2D barcodes, which are capable of capturing more information about an item, are integral to Royal Mail’s plans to provide greater visibility and efficiency in its network, as well as enable future service enhancements.

Royal Mail also deployed 3,000 state-of-the-art finger scanner devices in regional distribution centres and mail centres around the UK. These devices are now being used to scan barcoded parcels at key points in the Royal Mail network, helping to record items as they are processed through the network.

Royal Mail is still an integral part of almost every online retailers operations. If you’re shipping any light weight items then the chances are that you have a Royal Mail account.

Currently there’s an issue between Royal Mail and eBay for capturing tracking details for eBay’s On-Time Delivery metric which has led to eBay adjusting the the way they measure metrics until the 20th of May. Once everything is working, accurate tracking and acceptance scans should make lives easier for sellers who ship via Royal Mail on a tracked service.

Many congratulations to Royal Mail on their award. It was only a few years ago that they were practically bust with a discontented work force who regularly walked out on strike in the run up to Christmas every other year. It’s a long time since we’re heard serious complaints from the Union and their new services and price structures have by and large proved a success with retailers.

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