Research from Temando exposes delivery gap between sellers and buyers

By Dan Wilson March 2, 2016 - 10:35 am

A survey by Temando shows that there’s a gap between what retailers offer by way of delivery and fulfilment of orders and what buyers expect. And it seems like buyers are willing to pay for the convenience too. At least in theory.

You can find and download the full reports, and examine the methodology, here.

– 86% of UK consumers have used or would like to use time-slot delivery options at check-out, however only 38% of retailers provide this option at present.

– 78% of UK customers would like a same day delivery option and 47% of customers would be willing to pay a premium for it. However, only 53% of UK retailers can currently provide this service. Same Day delivery options are still more popular than hyper local delivery in the UK.

– 88% of UK customers would like to collect their online orders from stores and a quarter are willing to pay a premium for the service. However, at this time, just 55% of UK retailers offer this option.

– Approximately two in every five customers abandon their carts because the cost of shipping was communicated ‘too late’ in the purchasing process.

Temando CEO Carl Hartmann says: “Shipping and fulfilment are very complex and important processes that are traditionally viewed as a cost centre for many businesses. But with smart investments in software and hardware technology, especially the automation of multiple shipping options, many large and small retailers can transform shipping and fulfilment into a bonafide sales tool, a competitive advantage, and a key way to build customer loyalty.”

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