PCA Predict add Fuzzy Logic misspelt address verification

By Chris Dawson March 28, 2016 - 7:28 pm

PCA PredictPCA Predict (formerly Postcode Anywhere) have just announced ‘Fuzzy Logic’ searching capability in an upgrade to their Capture+ address validation technology.

As well as Fuzzy search, the latest version includes global coverage and a new worldwide delivery platform.

PC Predict Fuzzy Matching Press LRGThe new announcement means that where fuzzy logic is implemented, users of the web will be able to search and verify an address, even if they misspell words or enter accidental typos. The new version is available now to new customers and as a free upgrade to existing customers.

Capture+ expands on the web-based “what’s my postcode?” technology the software business pioneered over a decade ago to provide a better way of capturing and validating international addresses. With over 10,000 international customers including Tesco, Trip Advisor and Dow Jones, the software is now one of the main address completion services in ecommerce checkouts worldwide. It’s also something that we would dearly love to see eBay and other marketplaces implement.

Chris Winfield, PCA Predict’s head of development explains more telling us that “Capture+ now takes advantage of machine learning to introduce a new self-learning capability. Based on previous searches, Capture+ learns to predict what users might be looking for. For example, there might be a common nickname for a town in France; if enough people use it, Capture+ will learn it and return it in future search results. There’s currently nothing like this on the market”.

If you’re interested in assisting your customers filling in their address details on your website, you’ll find more information on the PCA Predict website.

  • Andy P
    1 year ago

    Perhaps we should have a whip round and get eBay a subscription!

    • Lee B
      1 year ago

      Maybe eBay need to just learn to start validating their input fields a bit more.

      We’ve receieved some absolute garbage data through their system in the past few months, which has made our internal systems stop right in their tracks.

      On what planet would emojis be accepted in a Postcode? Apparently eBay thinks that’s an acceptable part of the postcode. They don’t seem to have any data validation in place at all. It’s a miracle that the item which that postcode was on hasn’t been returned.

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