Parcel2Go ‘Big Price Drop’ on parcel deliveries

By Chris Dawson March 10, 2016 - 10:15 am

Parcel2GoParcel2Go have just implemented a major change to how their quotes engine works. Billed as ‘The Big Price Drop’, it sees hundreds of prices reduced across dozens of UK couriers, and coincides with the launch of a new option to book deliveries either with or without inclusive parcel protection.

The change offers customers the cheapest parcel delivery services in the UK. It particularly benefits those seeking our new inclusive parcel protection services, because it cuts the price of protection by up to 90% on selected services, all the while improving the user experience by shortening the purchase journey.

Not only that, but the change also benefits customers who don’t need parcel protection by offering them a discounted option to send without.

Frankly we know that many retailers just need to know that the item has or hasn’t been delivered, the cost of low value item is largely irrelevant as sometimes it can cost more in time to claim than it’s worth. It’s easier to simply replace or refund and move on.

It’s a new approach for the parcel quotes business to offer quotes with and without insurance. Parcel2Go’s Marketing Director Adam Harris explained that while some customers preferred having parcel protection included within the cost of delivery, other customers didn’t want protection and preferred to save money.

Andy told us “It’s a simple solution that saves our customers time and energy, and yet we’re the only UK provider to offer this on every service. In doing so we’re able to offer the cheapest and most transparent prices in the industry“.

You can book couriers directly on the Parcel2Go website and they have an eBay tool to automatically collect sales from your eBay account to make bookings couriers even faster.

  • John Dunning
    2 years ago

    I will never EVER use Parcel2 Go again and refuse to recommend them to anybody – they ripped me off big time on a damaged parcel and refused to compensate even though fully insured.
    Never EVER again!

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