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By Chris Dawson March 3, 2016 - 1:03 pm

The eBay glitch last week highlighted the fact that there are still an awful lot of sellers who rely on logging directly onto the site to print out sales and mark their orders despatched. The glitch didn’t appear to affect a single seller who used third party software solutions to manage their sales.

One Stop Order ProcessingWith that in mind, we thought a quick look at One Stop Order Processing would make sense, as one of the lower cost order management solutions available. With both eBay and Amazon adding things like On-Time delivery metrics, if you miss a deadline it can impact your seller ratings if you don’t upload shipping date on time.

One Stop Order Processing Automation

One Stop Order Processing enables you to streamline your orders processing and automate as many processes as possible to reduce the number of potential human errors and speed up your back office processes.

Jan who runs the company tells me that “In addition to writing our software, we also run 8 online shops here, some selling software and some selling Integrated Label Paper, most orders go straight to our drop shipper without any interaction from us, our software highlights orders that may have issues and we only deal with those. This means that 90% of our orders are dealt with automatically and so we save lots of time and our error rate is extremely low“.

With One Stop Order Processing software you can automatically download orders from your selling channels, process them in batches and transfer them to your courier and or accounts package with a few clicks. Invoices and emails can be branded, increasing customer confidence and satisfaction. You can include images on picking and packing lists to reduce picking errors and you can highlight orders lines that require special attention.

The One Stop Order Processing Royal Mail link is flexible and easy to use, you can set up rules to assign postage based on the order and you can create Royal Mail consignments and print labels with a couple of clicks. When you ship your orders in One Stop Order Processing, they are also marked as shipped on eBay and Amazon, with feedback being placed where appropriate.

Prices start at £35 per month for a monthly Standard Plus subscriptions and £49.95 per year for an annual Lite subscription. We offer a free 21 day trial and will also help you to install and setup the product on your PC

We’ve also got a 10% discount code on One Stop Order Processing annual subscriptions for Tamebay readers valid until April 30th 2016. The discount code is: TB7146

One Stop Order Processing Videos

Streamline your order processing with One Stop Order Processing One Stop Order Processing link to Royal Mail online systems

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One Stop Order Processing is a low cost, powerful order processing system that allows you to streamline your order processing.

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