Amazon to offer monthly Prime subscriptions via Sprint in the US

By Dan Wilson March 31, 2016 - 2:59 pm

US cellphone provider Sprint has revealed it will offer Amazon Prime on a monthly basis.

The Amazon Prime subscription will be added to your monthly phone bill and will cost $10.99 a month. That’s just shy of $132 a year. An annual Amazon Prime subscription in the the US, bought directly from Amazon, is $99. The service on offer will be identical: the music and video features, along with free two-day shipping and some other things.

Sprint is the #4 mobile provider in the United States and has a reputation for partnering with others to provide entertainment features, rather than develop them in-house.

It’s an interesting development that makes a great deal of sense. Whilst unclear if there are minimum terms, it would be good to bag a Prime subscription for a month in December when you might use it a lot but switch off in quieter periods. Indeed, it would be interesting to see if Amazon offer monthly subs on their own platform.

Obviously this is currently a US development but it’s hardly beyond the realms of possibility that a similar arrangement will be revealed on this side of the pond.

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