Amazon signs up Dr Who for Prime Video

By Chris Dawson March 22, 2016 - 2:23 pm

Dr WhoIn news which is sure to please my colleague Dan, Dr Who is coming to Amazon Prime Video from the 27th March. According to Variety, the first eight seasons of the modern Dr Who will be available to view for free for Prime subscribers.

Dan is a huge Dr Who fan, as are many others and the ability to re-watch the eight seasons including Christmas specials is yet another benefit of Prime membership. It’s probably not enough to attract you to sign up for Prime on it’s own, but with the series 1-7 Dr Who box set currently retailing at £173 on Amazon, it’s certainly a nice extra.

One might wonder why Amazon are constantly throwing money at licensing content for Prime Video and the answer is that ever since they acquired LoveFilm by capturing streaming media users they’re building a base of customers who will do their shopping on Amazon. The more content and the better content that they have the more buyers will be making purchases once they’ve got their unlimited next day shipping for free.

  • Adam
    1 year ago

    Next: “Extra Prime” delivery by TARDIS?

  • 12 months ago

    Dr. Who is big time.

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