1/4 of Amazon Prime subscribers use Prime Now

By Dan Wilson March 7, 2016 - 6:57 am

It has been reported that in the US that one quarter of Amazon Prime subscribers also use the Amazon Prime Now service.

Prime Now provides delivery within two hours or less for $7.99 in 24 American locations that cover 34% of the US population. Adoption of Prime Now has been high with 25% of Prime customers using Prime Now in January 2016, according to the results of Cowen & Co.’s survey. 25% of Prime customers made a Prime Now purchase in January. 24% of those users say they use the Now service weekly.

That’s staggering and, even though many of these buyers will be affluent shoppers in metropolitan areas, it is more grist to the mill that ultra-convenience delivery is become de rigeur.

Now, don’t forget, these are US figures and Amazon Prime Now isn’t currently widely available in the UK.

In December 2015, Prime Now rolled out to areas in Merseyside including: Birkenhead, Warrington and Wigan. It’s also available in parts of London and Birmingham too. To check if your area is covered, use the postcode tool here.

From a seller perspective, it looks like a real value-add to the Amazon FBA programme, where 3rd party items are sometimes included in Prime Now.

Amazon Prime Now isn’t currently available where I am, but maybe you’ve used it? Any comments?

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