Zenstores adds new Etsy integration

By Chris Dawson February 17, 2016 - 12:02 pm

Zenstores have launched a new integration with Etsy to their eBay and Amazon marketplace functionality. Zenstores already support Magento and Shopify websites as well and plan to add support for WooCommerce and OpenCart planned for late Q1 with BigCommerce and EKM Powershop to follow soon

The new Etsy integration will allow Etsy users to easily manage their orders and print shipping labels through Zenstores. The platform streamlines the management of orders from single or multiple shops and makes dispatching items through a variety of couriers quick and easy.

Importantly for ecommerce retailers, Zenstores support Royal Mail products including producing labels carrying the new Royal Mail 2D barcodes through an integration with NetDespatch.

Paul Snook, owner of Apple Crates UK, is a typcial long-time Etsy seller who appreciates the value of the new Zenstores support of Etsy. He told us: “I sell my handmade crates on Etsy and as my sales increased keeping track of all those orders and where they needed to go became a nightmare. Zenstores has all my orders in one place and I can automatically print labels for Royal Mail and other couriers without any copy and pasting. It’s saved me at least an hour every day”.

A free trial of 100 shipments (with no time limit) to any Tamebay readers who want to give Zenstores a trial.

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