XSellco Swift for Amazon Prime Merchants

By Chris Dawson February 3, 2016 - 11:04 pm

Amazon have a ‘Buy Shipping’ API to enable their merchants to place orders for deliveries. If you’ve ever used it it’s likely that it was to receive quotes for shipping from a network of Amazon Partnered Carriers. However there’s a secondary use – for Prime merchants who are self fulfilling orders to Amazon’s Prime subscribers.

We know that Amazon allow some merchants to self fulfil under the Prime program – in the past for your sales to be Prime Eligible you would have had to use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).

Then at the end of last year we heard that Amazon were reportedly unhappy with the service of external couriers and started to mandate that non-FBA Prime merchants have to start using Amazon Logistics as the carrier for all of their Prime orders.

Those retailers self-fulfilling under the Prime program will need to use Amazon’s ‘Buy Shipping’ API to arrange and pay for Amazon Logistics shipments.

XSellco Swift

XSellco SwiftXSellco have now released ‘XSellco Swift’, a shipping fulfillment solution for Amazon’s self fulfilled merchants. Using Amazon’s Buy Shipping API, XSellco’s software provides a solution for shipping Prime and non-Prime orders on time, connecting multiple Amazon channels to XSellco Swift and streamlining order management and shipping processes in a single, centralized dashboard.

Victor Corcoran, CEO of XSellco explains: “By integrating with Amazon’s Buy Shipping API, we wanted to provide our customers with an easy-to-use application to help simplify their order management and shipping process. With XSellco Swift, qualified Self Fulfilled Merchants can now exploit the full benefits of joining the Prime program”.

XSellco are the first multi-channel management system who have announced that they can support merchant fulfilled Amazon Prime orders shipped via Amazon Logistics, although we’d expect others to follow suit.

As Amazon invite more merchants to self fulfil and still be Prime eligible, but mandate that they use Amazon’s Buy Shipping API and Amazon Logistics, automation with software such as XSellco Swift will become essential.

If you would like to try Amazon’s Buy Shipping API with XSellco Swift they are currently offering a 30 day free trial.

  • Hilda
    2 years ago

    In this case, merchants still can do warehousing ,but they need to use Amazon Logistics as the carrier. How about the price of shipping? In my eyes,the price of shipping by Amazon Logistics is much cheaper. In this way , it means this is the best way for merchants. Amazon want to make sure the quality of shipping,but the handing time still different. What’s the good news, maybe the shipping fee is cheaper?

  • Bryn
    2 years ago

    Is this just the states ? I just tried buying a delivery in seller central and didnt have Amazon Logistics as an option. Just had Royal Mail and collect plus

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