Scot Wingo: What do eBay’s Q415 eBay results mean for sellers?

By Dan Wilson February 2, 2016 - 12:44 pm

ChannelAdvisor‘s Scot Wingo has published his overview of eBay’s results for the fourth quarter of 2015. And, as ever, it makes for interesting reading. Find his full and detailed analysis here.

Forbes digested the results here. They were in line with low expectation but the outlook for 2016 has been judged a bit meagre.

An overview:

– GMV of $21.9 billion, up 5% YoY
– $2.3 billion revenue up 5%
– Q415 income down $85 on Q414.
– Income was $523 million, down from Q414 in $729 million

eBay CEO Devin Wenig said: “We delivered solid fourth quarter results and continued to make progress against our key priorities. The quarter also marked the end of an extraordinary year during which we completed the spin-off of PayPal. We continue to grow our business and customer base while executing our plan to reposition eBay for long-term success.”

Scot has sliced the results from a seller’s perspective and I think one of the most interesting of Scot’s observations is that the pace of change is likely to pick up this year at eBay and that’s not always happy news for sellers: “eBay is under a lot of pressure to accelerate growth and historically that has meant that the platform changes will be coming fast and furious. We’ll do our best to keep you up to speed on changes, but definitely keep your ear to the ground as I imagine there will be 2-4 seller releases this year to accommodate all the changes eBay is going to want to make.”

  • radroach
    2 years ago

    I just hope that the anticipated “2/4 seller releases this year” consist of changes that are thoroughly tested before being launched, with all the implications and knock on effects taken into consideration.

    • James
      2 years ago

      I doubt that will be the case, it never has been in the past, largely due to a less than bright senior management compared to similar companies. Frankly I will be amazed if eBay lasts this decade out, the writing is becoming increasingly readable on the proverbial wall. All they’ve really succeeded at in the last three years is to alienate their core business in a high handed arrogant manner, and that’s suicide. They won’t be mourned.

    • Phil
      2 years ago

      I agree – well said

    • Gerry007
      2 years ago


      Now you are being silly…..

      Ebay test something before it impliments it is something they do not know how to do..

      Ebay have a simple desease, it’s called ‘tunnel vision’… something many Large business have, when they become over powerful & detached from their core buyers & sellers…

  • steve
    2 years ago

    How do I find channeladvisors report? I land on a sign up page for some conference or other??

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