New Royal Mail 2016 business prices announced

By Dan Wilson February 28, 2016 - 9:58 pm

Last week, Royal Mail announced their annual prices changes for the services they sell online and via the Post Office. We wrote about it here.

The most interesting change in those prices is that often it will be cheaper to buy Royal Mail services online rather than over the counter. The new tariffs apply to domestic and international Royal Mail shipping and come into force on 29th March 2016.

Royal Mail have now published the 2016 price changes for business customers. You can find the PDF brochure here.

And for the sake of comparison, here’s the same for last year.

There’s lots to consume here and how you’re affected will depend on what services you use. Let us know what you think.

  • elvis
    1 year ago

    For business account a small parcel up to 1kg will now be £2.57 via RM48. Plus the 3% fuel surcharge (even though fuel is cheaper now they haven’t removed this surcharge) plus vat it works out at £3.17 (2.65 without vat).

    All my parcels will be going with Hermes from now on as they are only £3.13 including vat (2.61 excluding vat).

  • elvis
    1 year ago

    Why are comments missing?

    • 1 year ago

      We have a little wrinkle on comments at the moment that means that they don’t automatically update. We’re on the case. Apologies.


  • elvis
    1 year ago

    Peoples comments are not visible Chris and Dan ?

    I the new price guide chart I noticed Royal Mail business prices for OBA say they are exempt from vat. How come I am having vat applied to my prices then?

  • Pablo
    1 year ago

    Elvis, the £2.57 is exempt of VAT and fuel, the £2.09 rate on page 16 has the fuel and VAT added and still only £2.58.

  • elvis
    1 year ago

    Have they changed OBA 24 and OBA 48 back to 1st and 2nd class again? Looks like it from page 9 in the guide

    • Gary
      1 year ago

      Page 16 in the guide covers 24 and 48 services for those who ship over 1000 items annually. Not sure what the business conditions are for using 1st and 2nd class services but no averaging of package weights and sizes so more sorting presumably for these service?

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