How to claim from Amazon FBA for lost or damaged stock

By Dan Wilson February 24, 2016 - 4:39 pm

Earlier we ran a story that asked whether you night be due a refund for lost or damaged stock that you hold with Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon). It was prompted by an email from a Tamebay reader who had managed to claim back several thousands of pounds. If you use FBA then there’s every chance that you’re due a bit back.

What was unclear in the post was the exact process you need to go through, what reports you need to run and how you actually make a claim to Amazon.

Thankfully Chris from Repricer Express has come up trumps and shared with us a step-by-step guide (including screen grabs) called How to Get an FBA Refund for Lost or Damaged Goods. Cheers Chris.

  • Andy
    2 years ago

    Those instructions for for

    Amazon UK doesn’t have a filter for “Reason Group”.

    And the codes in the downloadable report aren’t very obvious. I wonder why that is? 🙂

    • elvis
      2 years ago

      Very convenient and sneaky by amazon don’t you think Andy lol.
      I went through these codes Andy. Will be interesting to hear back from some of you on which letter code you were successful getting reimbursements for.

      E= Damaged at FC
      F= Inventory Found
      H = Damaged Customer Return
      K = Damaged – Item Defect.
      M = Misplaced Inventory.
      N = Transfer from another owner.
      O = Transfer to another owner.
      P = Unsellable Inventory.
      Q = Damaged – Miscellaneous
      X = Correct for inbound shipment reviewing discrepenices.

  • Andy
    2 years ago

    Had a reply this morning stating that you’d have to run the report by SKU with misplaced inventory, destroyed and inventory found and if there’s a discrepancy they’ll investigate. Claims can also only go back 18 months.

    • Per
      2 years ago

      Andy, how do you run sport by SKU, I am UK seller.

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