Do 66% of your customers go to bed with you?

By Chris Dawson February 28, 2016 - 11:19 am

Mobile CommerceFilms, music and Games; Clothes; Electronics. Did you know that theses are the top three mobile phone purchases?

With mobile shopping growing at 36% per year, this is just one of the secrets that SagePay have to share in their Ultimate Guide to Mobile Commerce.

Smartphones have powered a multichannel shopping revolution and consumers now research on their mobiles, and either buy on another channel or check-out via mobile too. If you’re selling on a website it’s time to get switched on to the new solutions your customers want… or they’ll simply start shopping elsewhere.

SagePay Mobile Commerce Time Line

SagePay mobile shopping time line

66% of consumers take their smartphones to bed with them and for many their mobile is their alarm clock, the last thing they look at at night and the first thing they look at in the morning. Can you afford not to be in bed with your customers?

Download “The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Commerce” from Sagepay to discover more including: What causes a 1% decrease in sales; Are tablets the future for mobile commerce; Which payment method saw an increase of 275% over the last year alone; and How many times a day consumers look at their smart phones.

  • Sam
    2 years ago

    Yet another misleading and confusing graphic about stats.

    Note for those unaware that the blue and purple “facts” are misplaced on the timeline as they have no relevance to the time in which they appear to be placed.

    not only that but even then they are incorrect. take this link from Ericsson:

  • james
    2 years ago

    so misleading, the daily mail would be too ashamed to go with a headline like that.

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