Check out the InvestNI £5k Innovation Voucher Scheme

By Dan Wilson February 9, 2016 - 6:25 am

If you’re a business in Northern Ireland, then you could be eligible for an InvestNI Innovation Voucher worth up to £5k to invest in your business.

It’s a cash boost if you’re keen to do more and develop your operations, especially if you need help with new horizons. It’s obviously good news that there is still such government funds available to support business development.

Here are some of the typical projects that they say they will support:

– Ideas for new or improved products, processes and services
– Product and service testing
– Access to information and expertise on new materials
– Tapping into research and scientific research

So check out the website if you’re eligible and interested and, if you need any more encouragement, this video below demonstrates the possibilities.

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