BorderGuru: Shipping, Duty & Tax solution for retailers

By Chris Dawson February 28, 2016 - 11:30 am

BorderGuruHermes are rapidly expanding their services to retailers and their latest offering is BorderGuru, a service for retailers looking to expand globally enabling them to sell and ship products globally.

BorderGuru offers a full-service solution enabling international consumers to shop for your products and pay with their preferred payment method. They calculate and include all duties and taxes for international delivery at the point of purchase, avoiding surprise costs to the customer upon delivery.

It’s intended to be a low capital investment with quick and easy integration using your existing domestic delivery processes. Dedicated BorderGuru software is integrated directly into the client’s webshop, providing shoppers with an accurate listing of all costs, including potential customs. On top of this, retailers have access to a global parcel tracking system, enabling them to follow just where their shipment is around the world.

Martin Kreiter, Head of Global E-Commerce Business Development at Hermes and Director of BorderGuru explains “Hermes provides them [retailers] with the services they need, whether they are European retailers touting its products in China or American providers looking to get a foot in the European markets“.

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