Bigcommerce eBayLINK app for eBay Australia

By Chris Dawson February 1, 2016 - 9:48 pm

Bigcommerce eBayLINKBigcommerce have teamed with eBay Australia to provide sellers a way to easily and efficiently list products and manage inventory on eBay using eBayLINK. Beta clients reported up to a 50% increase in store sales following eBay and Bigcommerce integration.

The integration is now available exclusively through the Bigcommerce platform to sellers residing in Australia or New Zealand. The eBayLINK app for Bigcommerce gives sellers new to eBay:

  • Rapid bulk listing and central management. Sellers can quickly create eBay listings using customisable templates and save hundreds of hours with automatic product mapping to eBay categories. They can easily push products in bulk to eBay and post hundreds of listings in a matter of minutes.
  • Custom pricing, postage and offers. Sellers can set custom pricing and discount rules for their listings as well as run tailored promotions to generate demand – such as free or discounted postage offers.
  • Centralised inventory management. Sellers can effortlessly sync stock levels and eBay orders with their online store for streamlined fulfillment and order management. They no longer have to manually manage processes across various channels. Once integrated, they will be able to view their entire product catalogue and inventory within the Bigcommerce control panel and their customers will be automatically alerted on their order status.

eBay Senior Director Retailer Growth, Tim MacKinnon said “We look forward to working with Bigcommerce to introduce thousands of new sellers to the largest community of online shoppers in Australia”.

This is a pretty nice deal for Bigcommerce merchants and for eBay. It gives Bigcommerce retailers the ability to list on eBay in a couple of clicks of a mouse and gives eBay Australia a potential new source of retailers to sell on the site. Just a shame it’s only for Australia and New Zealand.

Bigcommerce eBayLINK is available in the Bigcommerce marketplace apps.

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