Are you thinking about new online marketplaces?

By Dan Wilson February 17, 2016 - 1:40 pm

eBay and Amazon are the obvious starting points when it comes to selling online. But the potential horizons are a great deal broader when you look at the options out there. One of the big growth areas in ecommerce in the past few years has been the explosion of marketplace options you can plug in to. Some are general, others are niches. But the choice is yours.

And in the 2016 Tamebay Guide sponsored by XSellco, we take a look at plenty of marketplaces. Check out the marketplace section here.

Your business aims will determine what sort of marketplace you consider. What are you selling? And where are you selling it to? Expansion into overseas territories is a critical opportunity. That can mean more EU selling or looking further across these seas too. It has never been easier to start selling your ears to buyers outside the UK.

Another critical concern will the nature of the marketplace you’re selling in to. If you’re a seller of fashion items, there are stacks of ideas. And it’s the same with electronics and other in-season goods.

But the the key advice we can can give must be to broaden your sphere of vision and simply be willing to branch out. The choice is good and the only route to failure is dismissing the marketplace opportunities altogether. Good luck!

What other online marketplaces have you enjoyed success on outside of ebay and Amazon?

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