Amazon relaunch Treasure Truck in Seattle

By Chris Dawson February 8, 2016 - 4:18 pm

Amazon Treasure TruckAs if Amazon didn’t sell enough products to consumers, they’ve come up with a new wheeze to get us to part with our cash – the Amazon Treasure Truck.

After the project was put on hold last year, the Amazon Treasure Truck is back in Seattle and this time looks like it might be here to stay.

Amazon liken the Treasure Truck to the anticipation you may have had as a child when the ice cream van turned up at your street. It was a daily promise of treats to come and everyone loved to hear the jingle when it arrived on hot summer afternoons.

Now Amazon’s Treasure Truck will cruise to different neighborhoods with one amazing item you (say Amazon) won’t want to miss. Treasure Truck is part of the Amazon Mobile Shopping app. If you’re in the Seattle area, simply open the main menu of the app and you’ll see Treasure Truck. Tap to see what’s on the Truck today, buy it, and choose where to meet the Truck to pick up your item.

Amazon will also use push notifications to alert their mobile app users that the truck is passing. If you’re near the Truck, you may receive a notification letting you know about the day’s offer an if you want to accept it just tap to buy, stop by the Truck and the item is yours.

Will it catch on? Seattle is just one US city so it’s far to early to expect a Treasure Truck in London or other UK cities, let alone to find one passing anywhere near my home in Thatcham. One day maybe… assuming that day’s offer is something I want.

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