79 Year Old Geoff still flying high on eBay

By Chris Dawson February 25, 2016 - 10:30 am

It’s been almost three years since we wrote about the then 76 year old Geoff Rosenbloom, possibly the oldest PowerSeller in the country. We’ve just had some fantastic news from him, having turned 79 this January, Geoff has just achieved his 100,000th sale on eBay!

100,000 individual sales and well over 60,000 feedback received is a mammoth achievement for any eBay trader. It’s even more amazing when you consider most of Geoff’s generation retired 15 years ago!

Geoff Flying Log BookGeoff is an ex RAF and Logan Air pilot, he has another business delivering jets around the world, still holds his pilots licence and flies himself. We previously told the story about Geoff accidentally became an eBay Powerseller selling XDA PDA spares and accessories.

Today Geoff sells mobile phone accessories and work wear, he understandably doesn’t sell many XDA accessories these days! Geoff told me that like any online business he’s had to evolve and adapt over the years. Times change, people change, the Internet changes and, even at the age of 79, Geoff has to keep updating his business strategies too. Over the years at Tamebay we’ve seen many businesses fail and sadly in some cases that has been because they kept on doing what worked a decade ago but Geoff is keeping abreast of change and is a Top Rated eBay seller.

Geoff is going to be moving his business soon, he’s still expanding and needs bigger premises so he’s off to Paisley. He also tells me he’s going to be updating his eBay shop and will be changing his 12 year old eBay user ID to something that represents his business today.

100,000 eBay transactions

Geoff has been looking forward to his 100,000th transaction and had decided to give that purchase away as a gift – He was hoping it was not going to be one of his expensive items such as JBL speakers, or especially a GPS watch!

So, it went to a Canadian couple who bought 3 sewing kits, some what fitting for a pilot that’s flown all over the world that his landmark transaction was a cross border sale. When he emailed the buyer to let them know he’d be refunding their purchase in celebration of his epic achievement this is the reply he got:

What a wonderful & happy surprise! Thank you for this gift! Nice to know there are Sellers in eBay that are doing well. Appreciate the kindness & also – my CONGRATULATIONS on your 100,000th Sale marker.

Congratulations Geoff

Here at Tamebay everyone would like to congratulate Geoff on his 100,000th sale. We know what it takes to list, pick, pack and ship orders and (until we find out otherwise) he’s the only person starting out their 80th year as an eBay Top Rated PowerSeller with 100,000 sales under his belt and still trading at a rate of around 400 orders a week.

  • Alan
    1 year ago

    Well done, Geoff!

  • 1 year ago

    Congrats Geoff, a fantastic achievement! Excited to see you hit the 200,000 mark!

  • Wow there is hope for all of us oldies who have no intention of retiring soon Well done Geoff and thanks Tamebay for letting us know

  • George Mate
    1 year ago

    VERY WELL DONE Geoff and many Congrats

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