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By Dan Wilson February 10, 2016 - 8:17 am

tamebay guide 2016

Completely new for 2016, we’re pleased to launch the 2016 Tamebay Guide. Browse it at your leisure online or you can download it in PDF form here.

Sponsored by XSellco, the new Tamebay Guide is a vital resource for ecommerce sellers keen to do more, sell more and make more. That’s the idea: streamline your business and improve your margins.

An ecommerce SME in 2016 will be running a business with many cogs. You’ll likely be using multiple couriers and shipping companies, knitting together other services as you sell on several marketplaces. For every problem you face there’s a solution out there. So in 2016, as you seek to grow your business, you’ll likely be looking for more streamlining services.

Since we started the Tamebay Guide some 5 years ago, what’s obvious is that ecommerce has become more complicated and with that there is more choice. That means you have more companies to choose from, to help you build your operations, and also potentially more difficulty in sorting the wheat from the chaff.

At Tamebay we take pride in being optimistic and the guide is produced in that spirit. The ecommerce opportunity has never been greater and it still offers a compelling commercial opportunity. But it’s also definitely the case that you need to be dedicated to innovation and experimentation more than was true a few years back.

So check out the best commerce partners out there with the Tamebay Guide.

We’re sure that you’ll find it useful. And if you have a business that should be included. Then be sure to get in touch. It’s never too late!

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