Yumbles turn in some tasty numbers

By Chris Dawson January 28, 2016 - 10:17 pm

Yumbles 2015 lgYumbles only launched in 2014, so their first calendar year has just finished and they’ve some interesting growth numbers to report.

As a curated marketplace connecting food lovers with the UK’s best small batch independent food and drink producers, Yumbles is never going to be as big as eBay or Amazon. They’re serving a community passionate about food and search the country to hand pick the most exciting producers hand crafting incredibly yummy culinary delights.

In the past year Yumbles have grown to showcase the products of 311 makers, the largest artisan food collection in the country. 311 might be a small number of suppliers, but there are benefits of having less competition, Godminster Cheese have had 457 sales and the largest single order of 2015 was for £822 worth of shortbread!

The Yumbles team are picky though, they’ve personally sampled 2,789 samples of artisan confectionery in their quest to find the very best to please their foodie buyers.

I don’t know many Yumbles makers, but those I do swear by the site as one of the best sources of orders online. Yumbles might be relatively small, but being niche their community of buyers are exceptionally active and that drives sales.

If you are a food producer then Yumbles should be top of your list for 2016 as a new outlet for your products. Yumbles have just turned in a 1000% year on year growth in sales and that’s a pretty tasty result.

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