UPS Collection Fees impact Amazon Partnered Carrier Program

By Chris Dawson January 5, 2016 - 7:03 pm

UPSWe wrote at the the tail end of last year that UPS were going to introduce a daily collection charge. At the time we’d heard that for some account customers it would kick in from February, but it appears to already have been implemented for some of their users.

We know that not every seller will use UPS, but Tamebay reader Justin informed us today that it’s likely to impact many users of Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).

With the Partnered Carrier Programme, Amazon sellers in the UK can benefit from competitive transportation rates negotiated by Amazon with UPS covering shipment of small packages from a UK address to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre in the UK. Justin has been paying £4.20 per box and been hit by an unannounced additional £4 collection charge.

If you generally ship small consignments via UPS to FBA, you may be better waiting until you’ve got several boxes to send in one consignment. The alternative is to use a different courier at rates you negotiate yourself.

  • Andrew
    5 years ago

    There is a workaround to the collection charge.

    Amazon sellers need to copy the tracking id into the optional field in step one of booking a web collection.

    PITA however. Especially when you have dozens of tracking numbers and Amazon splits the shipment into various boxes bound for various FC’s

    Seems to have slowed down our usual UPS driver as he has more paperwork to do at the door and has asked us to give him a list of tracking ids for his paperwork.

    Big issue is that comms weren’t given to Amazon or Amazon failed to communicate with its FBA sellers – caused a lot of confusion so far this year

  • Paul
    5 years ago

    What about if you drop off at a drop point – surely theres no charge then ..? Or is there? I’d be interested to know as Im just about to organise my first FBA shipment and there seem to be plenty of other ways to trip up without an new blind “policy” change.

    • 5 years ago

      When you schedule a collection on the UPS website, a little window pops up saying that its free to drop off at a store.. I can just see the store keepers face when we wander in with 8x 30kg boxes…

    • 5 years ago

      That is correct…no charge if you use a drop off point. If you do not have a drop off point nearby speak to your driver and find a local business that has a daily collection. Speak to them and see if they will let you drop off with them…

  • Scott
    5 years ago

    Could this be a way for Amazon to slow down the influx of parcels from FBA sellers that it’s struggled to handle lately?

    • 5 years ago

      I do not think so, as this is a UPS wide charge. It is more likely a charge UPS have thought up to keep down the number of collections their drivers have to do. Which being the Amazon preferred carrier must have increased significantly with all the FBA sellers!

      It is also likely Amazon did not know or have been very slow to respond…as they did not communicate this at all…

  • PJ
    5 years ago

    We have an account directly with UPS….we used to use them for our business and FBA shipments, the collection surcharge addition has made it cheaper to send through our other account which we hheld with Parcelforce….

    UPS!….£4.00 for a collection!…..did you not know that the UK parcels business is VERY competitive?

  • JT
    5 years ago

    For six boxes the collection charge for us was £2.00 so not sure why it seems to change between £2 and £4. UPS do seem to like their extra charges, I think they charge £0.50 for any residential delivery as well.

  • Gerry007
    5 years ago

    All these couriers are quick to put prices up, but with fuel at an all time (last 6 years) low, is it not a bit greedy and unneccersary….

  • Gerry007
    5 years ago

    Tesco direct are at it now, £2 deliver charge for click & collect orders under £30….

    New money racking idea……………..!!

    • james
      5 years ago

      tesco’s has always been a rip-off, thats why its pretty much a failure.
      then the MD’s all sit in boardrooms asking why people dont come back when we keep blatantly ripping them off, and blame lidl instead.

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