UKTI ecommerce for International Trade, Guildford: 19/1/16

By Dan Wilson January 11, 2016 - 10:49 am

Coming up in Guildford, Surrey on the 19th January at Bridge House is an event from UKTI that looks at harnessing ecommerce for international trade.

You can find out more and book a place here.

As they say about the event:

“This master class will start with technology and end in sales and marketing, as any e-commerce operation, whether national or international, starts with the back-end and this must be solid and without issues before any business contemplates selling.

You will learn about:
– E-commerce and technology systems
– Legal considerations
– Internationalisation and localisation
– Sales & marketing.

The day will be broken into three main sections which include some time for exercises, discussion time and networking.”

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