Twitter down, Friends Reunited dead

By Chris Dawson January 19, 2016 - 10:18 am

Twitter is down for millions of users in Northern Europe this morning. A message on their site reads “The Key to eCommerce Success in 2016”.

The outage appears to include the UK, France and Germany as well as the smaller neighbouring countries. It’s probably put a hole in a few social media marketing plans this morning.

As an aside while we’re on the subject of social media, one of the first social sites is to close after 17 years. Friends Reunited is apparently no longer profitably to run and is to shut down according to Sky News. They report that people no longer use the site, instead going to Facebook to find their friends.

Many Friends United members haven’t signed in for over a decade meaning contact details are likely to be outdated so getting reunited with a friend could quite well mean they don’t receive your message anyway as it’ll end up at a long abandoned email address.

Instead of tweeting today, it might be time to consider some good old fashioned marketing like perhaps email to reconnect with your customers?

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