myHermes price rise: 10p on a 1kg parcel

By Chris Dawson January 31, 2016 - 11:27 am

myHermes featmyHermes have increased their prices which will see the cost of a 0-1kg Parcel rise by 10p from £2.60 to £2.70 (including VAT).

It’s worth remembering that until the price drop in October 2015, the cost of a 0-1kg Parcel with myHermes was £2.78, so the new £2.70 price could have been much worse and remains one of the most attractive rates on the market.

Still any price rise is unwelcome and you may need to adjust postage rates on your marketplace listings and website to take the rise into account. If you built your shipping costs based on myHermes pricing make sure you check your rates to ensure you’re not losing money.

The new myHermes rate card


Parcelshop Price

Courier Collection Price

Ex VAT Inc Vat Ex VAT Inc Vat
Less than 1kg
1 to 2kg
2 to 5kg
5 to 10kg
10 to 15kg
Signed for
Remote deliveries
(Includes deliveries to postcodes IM,HS,ZE)
  • Tony lloyd
    2 years ago

    What are we supposed to do about items already on ebay or just sold where the postage price has already been shown.

    • 2 years ago

      Sadly take a hit and lose 10p per order until you adjust your prices.

      Alternatively you could book the myHermes delivery through the Parcel2Go website who haven’t yet raised their prices (yet) and still currently offer a £2.51 inc VAT myHermes (no compensation) service.

    • 2 years ago

      It would be nice to know how with fuel at its cheapest for years My Hermes (the worlds worst customer service) can justify any increase…

    • Gerry007
      2 years ago

      Ukmail did it a month ago, and the rest will do the same, including RM in April….

      Got us by the B*ll*cks…

    • Gary
      2 years ago

      Justified by a rise in the minimum wage perhaps? There are plenty of service companies that have raised prices for this reason.

    • john
      2 years ago

      CS from the courier driver is very regional.

      Our driver picks up twice per day. 7 days per week and we have his mobile number. Top that off we are rural.

    • Steven
      2 years ago

      Our local courier is also a star – but it is when something goes wrong that CS sucks! I have threatened small claims court action and suddenly there are all kinds of responses from CS!!!!

    • john
      2 years ago

      “What are we supposed to do about items already on ebay or just sold where the postage price has already been shown.”

      If 10p is an issue then you need to recalculate your profit and courier charges. Our charges allow for a margin of error/theft/fraud/packaging/packaging storage costs etc

    • Simon Marshall
      2 years ago

      Just take it on the chin, in the same way you probably never refunded customers when the price went down.

      Postage rates are what they are, all you can do is shop around for the best deal. Only by doing this will the likes of Royal Mail change their prices, I understand the Royal Mail changes to allow up to 2kg standard parcel second class was a direct result of hitting back at myhermes who were taking too much business off them.

  • Andrew
    2 years ago

    Wouldn’t mind too much except for the fact they keep on losing my parcels on a regular basis.

  • john
    2 years ago

    We used to use my hermes for parcels below 10kg. However DHL have lowered price this week , now hermes have put there prices up. we will now only send parcels under 5kg with myhermes

  • 2 years ago

    myHermes dropped the price in October, as Chris rightly points out. myHermes have put them up now but the packet price is still 8p lower than pre-Christmas.

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