Linnworks webinar, Multichannel ecommerce trends in 2016:14/1/15

By Dan Wilson January 13, 2016 - 3:08 pm

Linnworks and Web Retailer have teamed up to deliver a webinar on the 14th of January to hold a webinar that will look at multichannel ecommerce trends in 2016. It’s being held at 4pm GMT.

The panellists will be:
Charlie McBroom – Ecommerce Expert & Product Manager, Linnworks
Vinay Minhas – Ecommerce Consultant, Linnworks Americas
Will Bowes – Marketing Manager & Inbound Consultant, Linnworks
Andy Geldman – Founder, Web Retailer

To register online, check out this page.

The topics on the table for discussion are:
– What is going to change in the ecommerce world in 2016?
– How will different buying behaviours affect your business?
– What’s happened with delivery requirements, and have you adapted yet?
– A look at Amazon & eBay’s plans for 2016.
– How to market your products in 2016, the right way!
– Viewpoints from both the US and the UK.

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