Contactless payments integrated into Tablets

By Chris Dawson January 14, 2016 - 3:15 pm

Panasonic Toughbook CF-20 Tablet ModeIngenico Group have introduced contactless payment with a Panasonic tablet. This represents a major step in the partnership between Intel and Ingenico Group, initiated in March 2015 and aimed at integrating Intel’s technology and Ingenico Group’s secure payment solutions into connected objects.

The solution jointly developed by Ingenico Group, Intel and Panasonic will be demonstrated at the Ingenico Group and Panasonic booths at the 2016 National Retail Federation Expo on the 17th – 19th January, in New York.

Mark Thorne, Director Computer Products Solutions Europe, at Panasonic told us “We recognise that the greater deployment of mobile technology to serve customers, combined with the increasing adoption of new ways to pay, including contactless card and smartphone payments; is driving the convergence of the POS and secure payment functions”.

We know that the way payments are taken in the retail world is changing. It’s becoming the norm for sales assistants to be able to take payment anywhere within a physical store with a tablet or card reader rather than the traditional queue at the checkout and the technology has been driven by restaurants enabling payments at the table. However retailers also go out into the world to trade shows and expos, to farmers markets and craft fairs and other businesses such as taxis never have a base to operate from – They all need mobile payments.

The interesting development will be if payments one day are a built in defacto option on all tablets and smartphones making readers such as PayPal Here or iZettle obsolete, similar to how nowadays every computer has built in WiFi and Ethernet (Yes I am old enough to remember the days of having to buy an Ethernet card to connect to a network!).

It’s probable that initially manufacturers will partner with certain payment gateways, somewhat limiting the appeal of their solutions, but one day you’ll be able to sign up for contactless payments on any device you choose with any banking partner or e-provider that you choose.

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