Bigcommerce reveals new pricing plans

By Dan Wilson January 26, 2016 - 6:05 am

Bigcomerce has started communicating about the new pricing programmes it’s bringing into force and several customers have been in touch to share the news.

You can find the full details of costs and features here.

As we understand it, the transaction fees will no longer apply effective with the April 2016 billing statement cycle and the annual online sales limits will be implemented in July 2016.

Are you a Bigcommerce customer? And will your be positively or negatively impacted by these changes?

Bigcommerce pricing plans

  • Rich
    2 years ago

    We have the Plus plan. But can’t see any changes that will affect us. If it did then we would look at moving, as the system is still full of bugs reported over 1 year ago. No new feature for 2 years. One of the worse SEO system on the market with no sign of improvements likely.

    Looking at the Pro plan, I can’t see how the price from Plus to Pro is worth this differents in price.

    I’m not a huge fan of Bigcommerce as they hold us small businesses back by not allowing some features we could use on a normal website for free. But with Bigcommerce they want over $100 a month to be able to use theses simple features.

  • Rob
    2 years ago

    The worst – going from $75/month to something like 1K – are you kidding me? Leaving them for another cart. At least give us time to move…they tell us during the holidays…really? Busiest time of year. If you sign up for bigcommerce you are crazy in my opinion – if you grow much you will have to pay a ton more – other carts are fair…migrating carts is super hard…think before you decide on them I say

  • Lindsay
    2 years ago

    Moving…no loyalty to small businesses now that they are prepping to be a publicly traded company. They lie in their advertising and say that they support small businesses but it’s obvious in the newly announced pricing scheme as well as how they stripped features from legacy plans that they are not in it for the small shops. Small businesses built this company, and now that they have gotten Big C to their current position of profitability, smaller shops are being coldly abandoned.Can’t think of another cart that actually “penalizes” it’s customers for attempting to grow and starves the smaller shops of essential features needed to grow. Crazy.

    Regret deeply that I chose this platform and invested years in building my site there, and like Rob, I say WTF as far as announcing these changes around the holidays. Again, the tell tale signs of a company that truly gives no f*cks about its customer base. Its’ all about the money folks.

  • 2 years ago

    The way Big Commerce has handled this has been poor.

    The first I saw of it was a thread in their forum – the place people only tend to go to if they are looking for an answer to a problem. It started on Cyber Monday – the day we’re all too busy to spend time surfing forums.

    I appreciate that prices need to go up from time to time, but it should bear some relationship to inflation and/or increased functionality. This increase does neither, and I reckon it would cost us £4-6000 per annum for no additional benefit.

    What most grates is that Big Commerce advertising stresses not charging transaction fees. But on the Pro plan they have “growth adjustments”. Another lack of transparency; they base it on annual orders and order value (including shipping and taxes charged), with a charge of $80 per 1000 orders over the 3000 order baseline. But that’s 1000 orders a year, and the charge is levied monthly. So really, it’s $1 an order. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck – it’s probably a transaction fee !

    Moving platform is an expensive and time-consuming business. But it is clear that Big Commerce have decided to ditch their medium sized customers, the funnel that in the months and years to come would become their Enterprise customers, so even if we were to weather this increase, there is now a lack of trust, and I’m sure they’d just keep turning the screws until it’s impossible to stay with them.

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