Amazon Premium Shipping service

By Chris Dawson January 10, 2016 - 6:54 pm

premium unshippedSharp eyed Amazon sellers have spotted a new shipping service appear in their Amazon Seller Central – Premium Shipping.

Amazon say that their Premium Shipping option provides fast and traceable shipping options and improve the customer experience by communicating a clear delivery date to the customer, which is inclusive of handling time and shipping speed.

Only selected sellers that meet Amazon’s requirements are eligible to offer Premium Shipping Options. In the UK, Premium Shipping options are One-Day Delivery and Two-Day Delivery.

Amazon Premium Shipping Requirements

Customers will expect their packages to be delivered quickly so sellers must meet and maintain the following requirements:

  • You must be selling on Amazon for at least 90 days
  • Order count: ten or more orders in the past 30 days across all shipping options
  • Valid tracking usage rate: greater than or equal to 94%. Currently Amazon are working with the following carriers in Europe: Royal Mail, UPS, and FedEx
  • On-time delivery rate: greater than or equal to 92%
  • Order defect rate: Less than 0.5%
  • Seller initiated cancellation rate: Less than 1.5%

You must continue to meet the requirements at all times to offer Premium Shipping options. Your eligibility will be revoked if any of the requirements are not met, although sellers whose metrics improve may be eligible to re-apply to show guaranteed delivery date message.

Apply to offer Amazon Premium Shipping

If you meet the eligibility criteria and performance standards listed above and want to enrol in the program you can apply by contacting

You can find more information in Seller Central in the Premium Shipping FAQ.

  • Kieran
    2 years ago


    Does anyone know yet how this differs from the existing Expediated delivery option.

    It seems on a quick first glance that it has many similarities to the existing expediated option?

    So this is either an additional delivery option? Or tightening of the seller metrics for expediated delivery?



  • Bryn
    2 years ago

    This isn’t an optional extra service you can offer. All your inventory has to be sent tracked as standard and not as an extra service


    • amazon seller
      2 years ago

      To clarify the above – it IS optional in as much as you can use different templates for different products. Your standard templates remain the same ie those with standard and expedited shipping. Prime shipping is a separate template and can be applied to one, some or all of your products.

    • Kieran
      2 years ago

      I believe that only applies to USA sellers in the US.

      UK sellers are not required (currently) to provide tracking as standard with every order.

      I have emailed Amazon on the advertised email address and the difference between the existing expediated and the newer premium shipping is that you have to provide a Zero days lead time.

      I believe most if not all sellers will already do this for customers paying extra for expediated shipping, but you have to apply for premium shipping to join this zero days dispatch time.

      The benefits are more accurate shipping dates for the customer.

      With expediated Amazon adds 1-2 days dispatch time, with premium, Amazon adds Zero days dispatch time, which results in the customer being advised an earlier arrival time.

      Kind regards


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