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By Chris Dawson January 29, 2016 - 8:16 am

With the news that Amazon might be mis-charging Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) fees, we’re pleased to announce that the guys at DNA Response have an Amazon (FBA) Fee Bulk Calculator.

The DNA Response FBA Fee Bulk Calculator has been updated to take into account’s published FBA fee and storage fee changes for 2016 that take place in February and March. The tool will be valuable for 3rd party Amazon sellers who need to process through a spreadsheet of hundreds of products and quickly evaluate which ones are profitable on Amazon.

The solution is spreadsheet driven, all you need for data inputs are the dimensions and weight of each product and the calculator instantly provides you an estimate of Amazon’s fulfillment rate. There is one sheet for FBA fees (applicable to products sold on and one sheet for Multi-Channel Fulfillment fees (products sold off but FBA fulfills the order).

Amazon Fee Calculator Excel

The Amazon (FBA) Fee Bulk Calculator is available either as a Google Doc or as an Excel Spreadsheet.

Nathan Grimm, the creator of the Amazon (FBA) Fee Bulk Calculator tells us “These spreadsheets are critical if you’re evaluating a large number of products that you don’t yet sell on Amazon. If you already have these products listed through your selling account, use the Fee Preview report in Seller Central instead. This spreadsheet is really useful when:

  • You have a large file of products from another system (like your ecommerce website or a supplier) and you need to know Amazon’s fulfillment fees before going through the work of creating product listings.
  • You need to calculate multichannel fulfillment costs.

Currently the fee calculator is for FBA fees, but Nathan is currently working on a UK/EU version which will hopefully be completed soon. We’ll let you know as soon as it becomes available.

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