Amazon acquiring French courier Colis Privé

By Chris Dawson January 12, 2016 - 11:42 am

Amazon CourierAmazon is to buy a French courier company, which would appear to be part of their efforts to create a world wide network of in-house courier capability.

Amazon acquired a 25% stake in the French courier Colis Privé in 2014, but is expected to acquire the remaining 75% early this year according the the Seattle Times.

It’s expected that Colis Privé will remain open for business as normal, they won’t be turning business away and won’t work exclusively for Amazon. However we’ve seen in the UK the growth of Amazon Logistics and there’s no reason to expect that Colis Privé will grow their Amazon traffic massively once fully under Amazon’s control.

We’ve already heard that Amazon are leasing cargo jets both in the US and in Europe, there seems to be no end to their quest to own the customer journey from the initial search request right through the purchase to the moment the product arrives on the consumer’s door step.

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