Will Royal Mail use handset photos as proof of delivery?

By Dan Wilson December 7, 2015 - 8:44 am

Royal Mail will soon be using new and more sophisticated PDA handsets for posties doing the rounds. And there has been some speculation as to whether they will be utilising photos as proof of delivery, as some other carriers do.

Whilst the new handsets do have cameras built in, it seems that they won’t be using them for the time being. Royal Mail said in a statement: “We have built a camera facility in the new PDAs. However we haven’t made any decision over whether, or how, this might be deployed.

Royal Mail already allows customers to identify a designated Safe Place for delivery if they are not at home – and don’t wish an item to be delivered to a neighbour.

In some circumstances and subject to technical considerations, the camera facility might potentially be utilised where a customer requests proof of delivery to that designated Safe Space.

We would ensure any usage was fully data compliant and conducted within the strict guidelines of the Information Commissioner’s Office.”

It seems a bit silly not to utilise the technology to its full potential but equally there are problems and privacy concerns. However, anything that can aid ecommerce sellers avoid buyer fraud claims has got to be the best move forward.

  • steve
    1 year ago

    Having a postie who drops parcels on your doorstep before fiddling with his machine….why not have the scanners wearable? just flash the package in front of the device, aka supermarket checkouts. I know , they type in the address, you have to sign etc so perhaps a wrist mounted device.. anything to stop the palaver that occurs every time a parcel needs a signature.

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