Volo update on Black Friday

By Chris Dawson December 4, 2015 - 9:01 am

Volo with taglineLast week Volo Commerce had a hardware failure which resulted in them having to change an IP address over the Black Friday weekend. Normally this wouldn’t make a difference to their customer as IP addresses aren’t generally something we remember – we use URLs as a human friendly way of finding webaddresses and the Internet (actually DNS servers) change these URLs to IP addresses and would automatically have updated to the new server’s IP address.

Volo informed their customers of the IP address change as some larger companies will be running firewalls and would only open specific IP addresses for traffic and block all other IP addresses. In these circumstances customers would have had to whitelist a new IP address for their computers to talk to Volo’s servers. It probably only affected a handful of customers but naturally Volo informed their customers to make sure that those affected knew what to do.

Volo have given us the following update:

Volo Commerce customers benefited from a booming Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend, resulting in 22% growth compared to the same weekend last year.

With increased online spending compared to bricks and mortar stores, and a number of retailers making the most of the eBay deals over the extended period, sales went from strength to strength.

Paul Watson, Volo CEO, said “Leading up to the weekend we were excited to see how results would compare to last year. In 2014, many customers saw sales over the weekend reach levels they’d never experienced before. This year we had the whole team primed for action to ensure the weekend ran as smoothly as possible for our customers, and the sales numbers just continued to rise.”

Tamebay published an email sent by Volo to its customers earlier this week regarding a hardware failure. Watson clarified, “This unforeseen outage impacted our FTP feeds server, not our core platform, and would have only potentially affected a small number of customers. We proactively notified customers to keep them up to date, and worked fast to rectify the issue. Overall, it had no impact on the great results our customers saw.”

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