UPS collection surcharges from Feb 2016

By Chris Dawson December 7, 2015 - 3:41 pm

We’ve just heard from a Tamebay reader that UPS will be introducing collection surcharges from February 2016.

It appears that there is the choice of a £5.83 per week collection surcharge which would be billed in addition to the shipping costs, or an ad hoc daily surcharge. This works out at £1.17 per day (all costs are plus VAT).

Daily surcharges would be £4.17 for booking same day collection by phone or £3.33 for booking on the web with the option of booking collections for a future day for £2.50 by phone or £1.67 for online bookings.

We also hear that UPS are implementing a rate increase of around 3.6% from the 28th of December.

Whilst it’s good news that the rate increases are to come after Christmas, it’s not going to be welcome news for UPS customers. We don’t know of these charges are being introduced for all customers, but if you use UPS make sure that you know when your contract is up for review. We also don’t know what price charges may impact third party price comparison sites such as MyParcelDelivery or Parcel2Go so keep an eye on their prices too.

The New Year is often a time when all businesses review their operations and it’s possible that some UPS users will consider other couriers. Let us know if you hear about price hikes with other couriers and we’ll be sure to share the news.

  • 2 years ago

    Wonder if this will have any impact on the Amazon FBA service too – UPS is Amazon’s preferred carrier currently.

  • SAM
    2 years ago

    UPS are really trying to push the PICK UP points. I booked 2 parcels on yesterday for collection but actually DROP just about all my FBA of at UPS pick-up point now. I actually prefer that now saves waiting for them

  • Al
    2 years ago

    Got a letter from UPS a few days ago informing us of the collection charges coming into effect….
    The parcel delivery industry is just so competitive, its just stupid of them to introduce such charges, they have just shot themselves in the foot.
    Our parcels destined for UPS will now be sent through Parcelforce (just as good)

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