The Apprentice candidates new children’s book

By Chris Dawson December 16, 2015 - 7:00 pm

Sir Alan SugarThis year’s Apprentice is not even over but two of the previously sacked candidates have already joined forces in a new venture.

Sam Curry and Elle Stevenson were the main candidates behind Snottydink, a children’s book supposedly with a strong moral story, although they lost the task. However they reckon that because their book sold out that they’re on to something so have now collaborated on a new book, one that this time they hope to make some money out of.

Gobble GruffGobble Gruff is a story about an oversized part ogre, part chicken, creature living in a magical forest surrounded by friends and family who are a fraction of his size. Gobble tries his best at snowball fighting, ice-skating and sculpture making with disastrous consequences and the blurb says that the book conveys a strong message about the importance of acceptance at Christmas.

Gobble Gruff is scheduled to launch on Amazon today, so by the time you sit down to watch The Apprentice at 9pm this evening, which is the classic interview round with a triple sacking set to take place, you should be be able to buy Elle and Sam’s new book on Amazon.

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