Tesco extends iForce relationship

By Chris Dawson December 3, 2015 - 10:59 am

iForceiForce, have announced an extension to their 14 year relationship with Tesco through the award of a new contract. iForce has provided its iForce Revive and iForce Marketzone products to Tesco for over 14 years to recover margin on non-food and clothing items, returned in store or through internet sales.

iForce is a major player in the processing of returns in the UK, offering retailers an integrated end-to-end returns and recovery management solution with full traceability and visibility of return stock across all channels. In 2014 iForce processed over £200m of returned items for their clients.

Brian Gaunt, iForce CEO, says that they recover: “over 60% of the value of these items back for our clients, and on average customers get £15 back for every £1 spent with iForce on returns and recovery management.”

The Tesco operation – based at iForce’s site in Saltley, near Birmingham – continues to be driven forward by the company’s iForce Revive product which incorporates a mix of expertise, specialist staff and innovative systems, including iForce’s RESCU recovery software that is tailored to Tesco’s exact requirements. It enables iForce to offer rapid validation of all returns and routinely deliver a high proportion of returned items back into stock for full RRP resale, maximising the recovery value.

Part of iForce’s operations include running iForce Auctions with returns available for purchase online. iForce Auctions is currently being given a makeover to reflect it’s change to iForce Marketzone and the new site should launch in the near future.

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