SwiftGift app to send gifts to any mobile number

By Chris Dawson December 1, 2015 - 10:50 pm

SwiftGiftIf you’re like me you’ve had that awkward phone call to make to a friend or relation just before Christmas or their birthday where you have to admit you’ve forgotten (or never bothered to note!) where they live and you need their address so that you can send them a card or a gift. Worry no more, a new app launched today to enable you to send a gift to anyone so long as you know their mobile phone number.

SwiftGift is a new app which allows you to send gifts from over 1,600 retailers and with just a couple of taps, the recipient gets to “open” their gift on their smart phone, before choosing exactly where and when it would be most convenient for the real item to be delivered. It’s perfect if you’ve forgotten an address, you aren’t sure where the recipient will be over Christmas or for situations when it might be inappropriate to ask for an address.

You can choose from a selection of gifts handpicked from over 1,600 leading retailers, including John Lewis, Swarovski Crystal, The Whiskey Exchange and brands like Apple, Gucci, Armani and Chanel with a range of beautiful jewellery, flowers, hampers, gadgets or even a £22,500 bottle of vintage malt whiskey. You simply select the recipient from your phone contact list and the recipient is notified and prompted to enter their preferred delivery address.

Aside from sending gifts to close friends and family, SwiftGift is the perfect way to send clients, colleagues or even dates you are trying to impress but don’t have a postal address for. All the sender and recipients’ details are kept strictly private, plus the giver has the reassurance that if the recipient rejects the gift, they won’t be charged a penny.

The only hole in the service appears to be that SwiftGift is currently only available for Apple iOS. Whilst I might know your phone number, I don’t know if you use iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry. However an Android version of the app is also coming soon.

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