Olly Murs delivers his own Album with Amazon Prime Now

By Chris Dawson December 29, 2015 - 8:09 pm

In a bit of a gimmick to promote Amazon’s Prime Now one hour delivery service, Olly Murs delivered his own album to one excited fan within an hour.

Obviously being the Christmas season he also chose some toys for the children along with an Amazon Fire Tablet. The video also features the Prime Now “Bell” which is rung whenever an order comes in to be delivered within the hour.

In reality, having found the “Making of Olly Murs delivers…” video, I’m not so sure that having had his hair done outside the recipient’s house, that the delivery actually took place within an hour. However it’s still a lovely bit of promotion for Amazon Prime Now.

  • Rai
    2 years ago

    My heart skip- skips a beat everytime amazon is mentioned.

    That was awful I know. I don’t know why I leave myself with 2 hours sleep/day.

  • james
    2 years ago

    grounds for refusing delivery if ever i seen one.

  • Mike
    2 years ago

    I would pretend to be out if this milkshitter came round.

  • Techno-Liam
    2 years ago

    Love Him! he really has that X-Factor!


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