How to deter doorstep parcel thefts

By Chris Dawson December 20, 2015 - 6:45 pm

We’ve all heard the stories about packages being left by the front door and then stolen, but one man Las Vegas man decided to take things further. He set a honey trap, expect his package contained nothing sweet. Fed up with local reports of stolen packages he piled a load of dog poo into a box and left it for the thieves to steal… which they did!

  • 2 years ago

    I wish he had some sort of remote cam in there to picture their faces when they opened it up. Or possibly he could have set it to spray all over them like the cash boxes with banks. B-)
    Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

  • richbkk
    2 years ago

    I’m of the opinion most ‘thefts’ are fictitious.

  • James
    2 years ago

    you can completely avoid all doorstep parcel thefts, simply by not leaving parcels on the doorstep.

    i use the same method to avoid my TV being stolen from the garden. simply by not leaving it in the garden, i avoid this risk entirely.

    i understand there are some people who cant be at home for delivery.
    one handy thing about delivery is, you can have it to where you will be. this is more efficient than requesting delivery to home when you know you wont be there.

    if someone leaves items outside your house against your instruction, its them that takes the risk. if they know your neighbours well enough to be happy taking that risk, then let them. if your parcel does get stolen, its their fault for trusting your neighbours.

    i appreciate it may be convenient to have items left on your doorstep when you’re not in.
    its convenient to leave your wallet in the car, and your keys in the ignition. it doesnt make it a good idea.

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