Goofbid Chrome eBay Sniper Toolbar

By Chris Dawson December 29, 2015 - 8:04 pm

Goofbid Tool BarOur friends at Goofbid have just released a new free toolbar which enables you to snipe any auction you like on eBay.

The Goofbid toolbar appears when you are browsing eBay and if you want to snipe – place a bid at the last minute so that other bidders don’t have time to out bid you – simply enter your maximum bid. Then sit back and wait and just before the auction ends Goofbid will place a higher bid than your competitor guaranteeing you have a 99% chance of winning the auction as long as you’re not outbid.

The Goofbid Toolbar is available as a Google Chrome extension, so long as you use Chrome when browsing eBay, once installed, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to place a last minute bid again.

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