Free carrier integration for software solution providers

By Chris Dawson December 15, 2015 - 10:18 pm

NetDespatchNetDespatch have formed a partnership with MNP Retail, a specialist direct-to-consumer solution provider.

The partnership enables MNP customers to streamline their workflow by seamlessly integrating with Royal Mail and other carriers; printing the correct shipping labels, customs documentation and manifests, as well as automatically sending electronic pre-advice data to the carrier.

MNP RetailHeadquartered in Salisbury, UK and with offices in Delaware US, MNP’s expertise in Order Management Systems (OMS), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and product procurement platforms helps online and bricks and mortar organisations deliver their brand experience, grow sales and improve margins through system automation.

A particular challenge for MNP was the time, complication and cost associated with integrating with various carriers individually. Through its partnership with NetDespatch, MNP has been able to boost the delivery options available to its customers, by offering integration with Royal Mail alongside other leading UK parcel carriers and Click and Collect networks.

Regular Tamebay readers will already know that NetDespatch offer their services free of charge to retailers. What’s less known is that NetDespatch also offer integrations for solution provides like MNP, again free of charge. If you are a provider of multichannel solutions, why would you want to do the carrier integrations yourself when you can simply interface with the NetDespatch API?

Plus when carriers introduce new services or requirements (such as the recent introduction of Royal Mail 2D Bar Codes), NetDespatch will do the new integration work and your API calls to NetDespatch will automatically pick up the new services and make them available to users of your solution.

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