eBay to protect seller’s feedback from Storm “Desmond”

By Chris Dawson December 7, 2015 - 6:04 pm

Storm DesmondeBay have contacted us to let us know they’ll be contacting sellers with reassurance that their delivery feedback and On-Time Delivery metrics will be protected following Storm “Desmond”.

eBay said “Transactions affected by this event won’t impact seller performance. We’ll automatically remove any defects weekly in line with our Defect Removal Policies in the UK and Ireland. In this particular case, sellers are protected even if they haven’t posted items using a tracked service“.

UK meteorologists have adopted the US affectation of naming storms, hence last weekend’s blow is known as “Desmond”. In the past we’d have had a bit of bad weather, this year the Met Office launched a “Name our Storms” project and so far we’ve had “Abigail”, “Barney”, “Clodagh” and now “Desmond”. Next to pop along with be the friendly sounding “Eva” followed by the down to earth “Frank”.

Perhaps the people of Carlisle find it reassuring that they’ve been flooded by Desmond but personally I can’t see how giving a storm a friendly name makes the slightest bit of difference. However the Met Office say that naming storms will help raise awareness of severe weather and ensure greater public safety.

  • Tinker
    6 years ago

    Its northrn europe its winter!! transport problems happen every year , even when no major storms occur ,local problems can effect delivery anywhere,they need to relax the defect conditions for delivery over the winter months full stop

  • James
    6 years ago

    hello from Scotland.
    if we named every storm, we’d be finished the baby book by the end of the week.
    the big ones we name, the last really big one was known (to all) as hurricane bawbag.
    we dont follow the usual naming conventions.

    • marcy
      6 years ago

      Scotland is in the UK.

    • Gerry007
      6 years ago

      And if you’ve been there , you’d know they get a bit worse Weather than the southern Part…………!!

  • mw
    6 years ago

    Word of warning to sellers….. It’s taken ebay customer service 7 days and 5 messages to acknowledge that this announcement actually exists. We had 2 answers to questions we didn’t ask and 2 answers that said they could do nothing about it – contrary to what the ebay announcement actually says. Eventually they said that the 4 defects given for late delivery would be removed in up to 7 days. Sellers affected should include the announcement link with any request they may make and even then, are likely to have opposition to the requset.

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