Doddle says “Relax” to commuters

By Chris Dawson December 8, 2015 - 10:20 am

Doddle PaddingtonAt the end of last month, Doddle visited mainline London stations with the message “Doddle says relax” and to use Doddle as your delivery address for your Christmas shopping.

It’s a sensible bit of marketing, I couldn’t help but notice Doddle at Paddington when I passed by as they were in the main concourse between the exit to Praed Street and the Underground entrance. The Doddle shop itself is tucked away on Platfrom 12 and most commuters wouldn’t pass it so a high profile presence made sense.

Doddle pilatesAs well as bean bags to relax on while waiting for your train, Doddle also held impromptu pilates classes and frankly provided a friendly place to relax while waiting for your train.

It’s just a shame the Doddle lounges are not there all of the time, bean bags are a hell of a lot more comfortable than the plastic chairs at Paddington.

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