Deliveries to flood areas may be delayed

By Chris Dawson December 7, 2015 - 12:17 pm

Due to flooding in the North, delivery companies are warning their customers that parcels may be delayed, specifically in the Preston and Carlisle areas.

Interlink, part of the DPD group, have said that all parcels in the impacted areas will still go out for delivery today, but that they expect restricted access for our vehicles in certain postcodes which could lead to delivery delays.

They added that “We will do everything possible to attempt parcel delivery today, but under these circumstances it is likely that some parcels will be subject to a delay of 24 hours. If you have provided your customers’ contact details, we will automatically advise them of the delay to their delivery“.

We would expect a level of understanding from marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon and relaxation of delivery metrics. In reality many residents may not themselves have been unable to return to their homes yet, so a delivery will be the last thing they’ll be worrying about.

Affected Postcodes

LA1-23, CA1 (Carlisle Town Centre), CA12, CA13, CA16-17, TD1-9, DG13-14

  • Mark H
    2 years ago

    There will still be people complaining that the driver did not canoe down a flooded street to deliver their parcel.

    Having said that FedEx, DHL and UPS all manage in Venice.

  • 2 years ago

    On the TV News tonight it showed streets that had been evacuated and were being patrrolled by the Police in case of Looting. So I would guess that a Courier Driver attempting to make a delivery in those streets would be very popular.

    Probably far more use to try to ascertain where the evacuated people have been taken such as a Leisure Centre or School and try to make a delivery there..

  • Tinker
    2 years ago

    eh !!!!!! who wants a courier delivery when evacuted by floods ,unless its a snorkel

    • 2 years ago

      I have never been flooded out and in my current house being well above any likely flood threat I doubt that I will be. However if I have ordered and paid for an item and been flooded out I am likely to be very happy that the thing that I have ordered has caught up with me. After all what are the alternatives? Ity has been left on my doorstep(and will get washed away if the flood water comes back); It is thrown over the fence into the back garden; It has been put in the dustbin; or perhaps it goes back to the depot perhaps marked ‘Gone Away’ never to be seen again. No if I am in a Leisure Centre or School I may very well be very happy that a package catches up with me.

    • Tinker
      2 years ago

      never mind the food and warm clothing ,the ebay purchase comes first ,if enough get delivered who knows they could make a raft with them

    • 2 years ago

      Thinking about our imaginary parcel. Could it perhaps contain Warm Clothing or Waterproof Boots. Could it perhaps contain presents for the children who by now must be feeling very annoyed and bored. So there may be several instances where parcels catching up to flooded out families could be a life saver. After all it is unlikely that the houses may be fit for habitation any time soon. So a parcel or two may give hope yet to those who had just got their homes right after the last floods years ago and can look forward to years of uncertainty as the insurance company(or as many have been flooded out previously they may not have insurance this time round so may have to dry the house out themselves and find the finance to restore their homes)

    • Tinker
      2 years ago

      This is serious and not imaginary ,some folk in our area are needing to make 120 mile detours just to get to work , hundreds of roads blocked, bridges washed away ,landslides, etc etc , the very thought of delivering presents to bored children is just insanity.

    • 2 years ago

      As I said previously I have never been flooded out and where I live is high above any likely flood problems. But I was a parent of 2. I tried to imagine me and my then wife(long since divorced) trying to cope with 2 x children in a Leisure Centre, School or other temporary housing after being flooded out. It was not a pleasant thought. With Christmas rapidly approaching any parcels are likely to contain presents. So if I was in that situation my guess is that I would be very happy for parcels to catch up with me and that I could at least cheer up my Children with their presents even while our home was still full of water or mud(remember that the mud left by floods often contains animal and human sewage) and that we are unlikely to be able to move back in for months rather than days or weeks.. No my thoughts are with those flooded out and that sometime soon they can at least feel safe and happy even though they will be locked out of their homes for months.

    • james
      2 years ago

      the way you’re picturing it just isnt a reality chris.

      “Hi community centre, i have a bunch of parcels for the flooded street”
      “oh yes they’re all mine”.
      “okay…. do you have ID? ”
      “no, because flood.”
      “oh no problem just take them”.

      on the other hand, if your parcel is coming by DPD, use the email to rearrange the delivery to wherever you have been decanted, or to a dry friend.

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