Amazon to sell Fire Tablets with Baidu in China

By Chris Dawson December 7, 2015 - 12:03 pm

Amazon Fire TabletAmazon have started selling their Fire tablet in China and have announced a partnership with Baidu, the largest Chinese search engine.

We’ve already sold millions of Fire tablets since launch, and we’re excited to now make it available to customers in China,” said Neil Lindsay, Vice President, Amazon Devices. “With millions of readers already using Kindle e-readers in China, we’re excited to now offer another incredibly affordable option, particularly for customers learning to read English. With tools and features like Word Wise and Blue Shade, plus a large selection of Chinese and English content, we think readers will love the new Fire tablet.”

Amazon China’s agreement means that Baidu will provide a search, apps, and online video experience on Amazon’s tablets in China.

China is an interesting place to launch a tablet. Here in the West we’re used to the somewhat overpriced iPad, reliable alternatives such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and then a plethora of low end tablets from on other place than China! Chinese consumers do however love genuine branded goods so Amazon’s Fire Tablet does have a reasonable chance of success, especially with the partnership of Baidu.

The real aim of Amazon will be to tie Chinese consumers into making purchases on Amazon. Once you have a Fire Tablet you’ll be exposed to the ease of buying on Amazon over and above the firm favourites of and TMall. Will it be enough to increase Amazon’s market share? Only time will tell, but it certainly won’t do Amazon any harm.

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