49% of gifts were delayed at Customs last year

By Chris Dawson December 8, 2015 - 10:10 am

How good are consumers are completing customer information? According to ParcelHero’s data shows seriously long delays at Customs last year meant 12% of presents missed Christmas completely.

David Jinks from ParcelHero says “It’s really important that people declare the contents and value of each item inside a parcel on the Custom’s invoice, so that Custom’s Officers don’t have open the parcel, which causes delays. In all, our research reveals a huge 49% of gifts were held-up at Customs last Christmas. Shippers need to understand that, when sending presents outside the EU, they must be sure to specify what is inside on the Custom’s documentation. On average parcels labelled simply ‘gift’ or ‘present’ were held 20% longer in Customs last Christmas

ParcelHero are calling for action from the delivery industry to encourage shippers to give better Customs form details. Of course correct Customs information is an issue for all online sellers, casual and businesses, as well as ‘civilian’ parcel senders.

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